Let's Eat

3 Combi bibs

Clip on, fold away

travel bag friendly
fold away cotton top, mess and cutlery inside crumb catcher
comfy and convenient
ultra soft cotton top for comfort, soft plastic crumb catcher stays open

3 meals a day
3 cotton tops and 1 crumb catcher to last the whole day

leak-proof cotton
plastic lining prevents food and drink seeping through onto clothes

cotton tops suitable for machine washing and tumble drying




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3 Combi bibs


  • because nobody likes a messy bag, our cotton top rolls up inside our crumb catcher, along with cutlery
  • because soft cotton tops are best for comfort, and plastic ones are best for catching crumbs, ours combine the two
  • because nobody has met a child who only uses one bib a day, there are three tops in the pack
  • because we all want an easier life, our cotton top is washing machine and tumble drier friendly
  • because food and drink can seep through cotton bibs, ours is plastic-lined