Let's Eat

4 large food portioners

For freezer, microwave,
dishwasher and steriliser

easy prep
fill straight from the pan - save time, less mess

store and serve
individual pots click together for easy filling and storage

pop out
feed from pot or pop out

hot and cold
safe to go straight from freezer into microwav

write on
special pen included for
writing contents on pots


click to enlarge
click to enlarge

4 large food portioners

  • because nobody enjoys washing up, our portioner is made up of individual pots that click together - un-click a pot from a batch in the freezer, defrost in microwave, serve food straight from the pot and then throw in the dishwasher
  • because it's easier to pour purée food straight from the pan, our pots click snugly together so there are no gaps for food to drop in to, and their lids stay open so they won't get in the way (ensure the snuggest fit by squeezing the pots together from the inside with your thumb and forefinger)
  • because you may need to transfer the frozen purée into a bowl, just push the base with your thumb and it pops out easily
  • because frozen food all looks the same, we've included a pen for writing contents straight onto each pot