Let's Eat

Milk powder dispenser

Up to 3 feeds of milk powder

easy fill
funnel guarantees spill-free filling

easy pour
no tricky corners so no powder goes to waste

up to 3 meals
3 separate compartments  for up to 3 feed


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Milk powder dispenser


  • because filling most dispensers can be messy and inaccurate, ours comes with a funnel
  • because turning most dispensers upside down results in some powder getting left behind, we've designed ours to be emptied by turning on its side so the only place for the powder to go is out
  • because bottles come in all shapes and sizes, we've given our dispenser an extra long spout for easy pouring in to any bottle
  • because spout covers get in the way when filling bottles, we've added a place to pop ours out the way