Let's Eat

Home and Travel weaning bowl

With wrap-around handle
& 2 heat-sensitive spoons

comfortable and secure
easy-hold wrap-around handle for complete stability and support

dual compartments
1 large portion or removable divider for 2 courses

safe and easy
vents for microwaving with lid on, 2 heat-sensitive weaning spoons


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Home and Travel weaning bowl


  • because little ones like to grab the bowl when you're holding it, our bowl has an easy to hold handle that allows your hand to pass through and wrap around the bowl for stability and support
  • because little ones also like to grab the bowl from the table, our bowl can be fixed to the table or high chair, yet easily removed
  • because dirty cutlery soils travel bags, our spoons store inside the bowl's lid
  • because it's so easy to over-heat food, our spoons change colour if the food is too hot
  • because food can splatter everywhere when being heated, our lid is vented to allow microwaving with the lid on
  • because spoons often end up on the floor, we've included two