Let's Eat

4-in-1 cup

With soft silicone teat
weaning to training

4 stage drink and learn
easy step transition from bottle to cup encourages learning
lean forward profile
follows child's arm movement for easy table to mouth use
non spill
easy for little ones,
mess-free for parent







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4-in-1 cup

  • because 4 little steps are easier than 1 big one, our cup is designed to make the transition from bottle to cup go more smoothly:
        1. full weaning cup, with teat and handles             2. weaning cup, without handles
        3. weaning cup, with handles and sipper ring         4. proper cup, without teat and handles
  • because parents don’t like clutter, you only need one of our cups from baby right through to toddler, instead of lots of different cups because learning can be messy, our cup has a big, chunky sipper rim to drink from
  • because babies wrists and arms have less control and their cup often misses their mouth, our cup leans forward at an angle to make drinking from it easier
  • because larger cups can be heavy for little ones to hold, ours is deliberately on the smaller side to help little ones easily go from bottle to cup
  • because feeding products are best kept squeaky clean, our cup can be taken apart easily and washed in the dishwasher (top rack)  - the cup, teat, teat ring, sipper ring and cap can also be placed in a steriliser